Kakadu National Park Road and Access Report – 30th June 2015


Sandstone and River bush walk is now open! Starting off the Bardedjilidji walk and features a 6.5km marked circular walk which takes you past Catfish Creek, floodplains, billabongs, sandstone and outliers of the East alligator.

Coming in via the south of the park along the Kakadu Highway and looking for passes?  Great news, the Mary River Ranger station will now be selling Kakadu park passes, Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm.  Pop in and say g’day to Lynn who can not only help you with your pass but also help you plan your travels around the park.

Great news Twin Falls is Open! Access by High-clearance 4WD with snorkel only as the Jim Jim creek crossing is currently 0.7m deep. To reach the base of the falls cruise up the gorge on the Twin falls boat shuttle and learn about the majesty of the site ($12.50 per adult)

  • 4 Mile Hole is now open.
  • The Red Lilly Track is now open, 4WD access only.
  • Bilkbilkmi Graveside Gorge is now open. 4WD access only. Permit required to camp in the area

FREE ranger-guided activities EVERY DAY

  • Guided walks, slide shows and cultural experiences.
  • Connect with country and get a deeper understanding of Kakadu’s natural and cultural features.
  •  For details, contact Bowali Visitor Centre (08 8938 1120)

FREE cultural demonstrations now on!

Painting and weaving with local traditional artists.

Mon, Wed and Sat, 2 – 4pm, Merl campground.

Dry season burning has now commenced, please drive with caution smoke may be over the road in some areas.

Area Status Additional Information
Main roads
Arnhem Highway Open
Kakadu Highway Open There have been buffalo sightings on the highway at the southern end of the park, please drive with care.
Old Jim Jim Road Open High clearance 4WD only.
South Alligator region
Mamukala wet lands Open
Gungarre Walk Open
Red Lily Billabong Open High clearance 4WD only.
Bucket Billabong Open High clearance 4WD only.
Alligator Billabong Open High clearance 4WD only.
2 Mile Hole Billabong Open
4 Mile Hole Billabong Open
West Alligator Head Closed Seasonal closure as of 12/12/14.
Jabiru region
Bowali Visitor Centre Open Visitor Centre and Tourist Information Services are open from 8am to 5pm daily.
Bowali bike and walking track Open
Illigadjarr Walk Closed Seasonal closure as of 30/12/14.
Malabanjbanjdju Tent area Open
Malabanjbanjdju Caravan area Open .
Burdulba Campground Open
East Alligator region
Ubirr Open The Guluyambi cruise is operating; for more information call 1800525238. Ubirr is open from 8:30am until sunset. Please note bathrooms are being upgraded. One side will still be available.
Magela Creek (road to Ubirr) Open
Cahill’s Crossing Open Permits are required to enter Arnhemland. Please contact Northern Land Council and check tide times at http://tides.willyweather.com.au/print/nt/kakadu/east-alligator-river–cahills-crossing.html
Manngarre rainforest walk Open
Bardedjilidji walk Open
Sandstone & river bush walk Open  


Merl Campground Open .
Nourlangie region
Nourlangie Open
Nawurlandja Lookout walk Open  
Anbangbang Billabong walk Open
Gubara Pools walk Open Rangers have re-opened this area for walking. Swimming in the area is not permitted due to crocodile risk.
Nanguluwur art site walk Open
Barrk bushwalk Open
Muirella Park Campground Open
Sandy Billabong Campground Open
Bubba walk Open Part open. Please observe signs
Mirrai Lookout walk Open  .
Yellow Water region
Yellow Water Boardwalk Open
Yellow Water Road Open
Yellow Water boat ramp Open
Home Billabong walk Closed Seasonal closure as of 21/12/14.
Home Billabong boat ramp Open
Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre Open Open daily from 9am to 5pm.
Mardugal Campground 1 (Caravan) Open
Mardugal Campground 2 (Tent) Open
Mardugal Billabong Walk Open
Gun-gardun Walk Open
Jim Jim Billabong Campground Open
Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls region
Jim Jim Falls Open 4WD only. Please drive with caution Grader will be carring out road works until further notice.
Twin Falls Open Access only by high clearance 4WD with snorkel. Jim Jim creek crossing 0.7m.
Garnamarr Camp Ground Open .
Budjmi Lookout Walk Open .
Barrk Marlam Bushwalk Open
Twin Falls Plateau Walk Open
Bilkbilkmi (Graveside Gorge) Open 4WD only. Permit required for camping in the area.
Mary River region There have been buffalo sightings in the Mary River region, please drive with care. The Goymarr Roadhouse has now re-opened.
Gunlom Open
Maguk Open 4WD Only.
Yurmikmik Walks Open Unsealed road, drive with caution. Please be aware of wildlife in the area.  Seasonal burning in progress, please travel with caution.
Kambolgie Campground Open Unsealed road, drive with caution. Please be aware of wildlife in the area.
Bukbukluk Lookout Open
Gungurul Campground Open
Gungurul Lookout & River Walk Open
Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge) Open Permit required. Visit http://www.environment.gov.au/resource/access-jarrangbarnmi-koolpin-gorge
Guratba/Gimbat Day UseArea Closed Seasonal closure as of 3/12/14.
Ikoymarrwa Rock Holes Open 4WD only. Day use only. Crocodiles can move into the area at any time. Please call Bowali Visitor Centre on 08 8938 1120 to report any sightings.
Giyamungkurr (Black Jungle Springs) Closed Seasonal closure.