Kakadu National Park Road and Access Report – 22nd of October 2016


New Ranger Guided Activities Program running through to the 30th November 2016 – http://www.parksaustralia.gov.au/kakadu/pub/kakadu-whats-on.pdf


Alligator Billabong and Bucket Billabong are now OPEN. 4WD drive required to access these camping areas.

Things to do in Kakadu;

Are you a fan of Aboriginal Rock Art?? Why not enjoy an easy 1.5km loop walk at the Nourlangie Rock Art site, a 4km return walk to Nanguluwur Art Site and an even easier 1km loop walk at Ubirr with amazing views of the sun setting over the floodplains.

Wanting to go on bit of a 4WD adventure? Head on down to Gunlom and enjoy the sweeping views from the infinity and plunge pools at the top of the waterfall after a steep climb or relax down the bottom in the main pool.

Also don’t forget about Maguk, take a 1km walk in which leads to a beautiful natural plunge pool at the base of the steep gorge walls.

Take a scenic flight and enjoy a rare opportunity to enjoy Jim Jim and Twin Falls in full flow during October.

Up for a challenge?  Why not take a hike on the 12 km Barrk Sandstone Walk in the Nourlangie Region.  Enjoy the gentle water pools and wildflowers on display as you walk across the escarpment.  Pick up the park note from Bowali for all the tips and sites to enjoy along the way.

Yurmikmik Walks and Motor Car Falls – take a walk through the Southern Hills and ridges to a tranquil waterhole 7 km return.

Main roads
Arnhem Highway Open
Kakadu Highway Open There have been buffalo sightings on the highway at the southern end of the park, please drive with care.
Old Jim Jim Road Closed High Water Levels – Seasonal Closure
South Alligator region
Mamukala wet lands Open
Gungarre Walk Open  
Red Lily Billabong Open 4WD required
Bucket Billabong Open 4WD required
Alligator Billabong Open 4WD required
2 Mile Hole Billabong Open  
4 Mile Hole Billabong CLOSED Due to salvinia outbreak affecting 95% of the billabong, Four Mile Hole will be temporarily closed for remediation during 2016.  Two Mile Hole will still be accessible.
West Alligator Head CLOSED  Closed due to Unseasonal Rain
Jabiru region
Bowali Visitor Centre Open Visitor Centre and Tourist Information Services are open from 8am to 5pm daily.
Bowali bike and walking track Open
Illigadjarr Walk Open
Malabanjbanjdju Tent area Open Camping fees apply.
Malabanjbanjdju Caravan area Open Camping fees apply.
Burdulba Campground Open Camping fees apply.
East Alligator region
Ubirr Open Open from 8:30am until sunset.

Ranger guided activities – Rock art talks Tues & Thurs 9am – 11:30am and Sunset talks – Wednesday 4pm

Magela Creek (road to Ubirr) Open Water Levels Of 0.1m. Recommended that all vehicles use care when crossing.
Cahills Crossing Open 0.3m open to high clearance 4WD vehicles only.
Manngarre rainforest walk Open  Partly open
Bardedjilidji walk Open  Partly Open – Short Wet Season Walk
Sandstone & river bush walk CLOSED  Closed due to Unseasonal Rain
Merl Campground Open  Camping Fees Apply
Nourlangie region
Nourlangie(Burrungkuy) Open Ranger Guided Activities – Rock art talks Mon, Wed & Thurs 9am – 11:30am
Nawurlandja Lookout walk OPEN Ranger Guided Activities – Sunset talk Tuesday 5pm
Anbangbang Billabong walk Open Road into Anbangbang Billabong open until further notice. Billabong Walk is Partly open – Follow directions shown on the signs only.
Gubara Pools walk Open Day use only. Crocodiles can move into this areas at any time. Please call Bowali Visitor Centre on 08 8938 1120 to report any sightings.
Nanguluwur art site walk Open
Barrk bushwalk Open
Muirella Park Campground Open Camping Fees Apply
Sandy Billabong Campground CLOSED Closed due to Unseasonal Rain
Bubba walk CLOSED Closed due to Unseasonal Rain
Mirrai Lookout walk Open  .
Yellow Water region
Yellow Water Boardwalk CLOSED Closed due to Unseasonal Rain
Yellow Water Road OPEN Daylight hours only. 4.5T weight restrictions. Please obey speed limits
Yellow Water boat ramp OPEN Yellow Waters boat cruise shuttle departs from Cooinda Lodge please visit the reception desk at the lodge.
Home Billabong walk CLOSED Seasonal closure as of 21/12/14.
Home Billabong boat ramp Open
Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre Open Hours – Open daily from 9am – 5pm
Mardugal Campground 1 (Caravan) CLOSED
Mardugal Campground 2 (Tent) Open  Camping fees apply.
Mardugal Billabong Walk CLOSED
Gun-gardun Walk Open
Jim Jim Billabong Campground Open  Camping fees apply.
Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls region
Jim Jim Falls CLOSED Jim Jim Falls has been closed as of 19/09/2016
Twin Falls CLOSED Jim Jim Creek Crossing is currently about 1 metre high.
Garnamarr Camp Ground CLOSED Closed due to Unseasonal Rain
Budjmi Lookout Walk CLOSED Closed due to Unseasonal Rain
Barrk Marlam Bushwalk CLOSED Closed due to Unseasonal Rain
Twin Falls Plateau Walk CLOSED Closed due to Unseasonal Rain
Bilkbilkmi (Graveside Gorge) CLOSED Closed due to Unseasonal Rain
Mary River region
Gunlom Open for Day Use Only – No Camping 4WD Access ONLY. Please note: If there are any storms or any rain, please leave the area immediately due to flash flooding that may occur. Crocodiles can move into the area at any time. Please call Bowali Visitor Centre on 08 8938 1120 to report any sightings. 
Maguk Open 4WD Access. Crocodiles can move into the area at any time. Please call Bowali Visitor Centre on 08 8938 1120 to report any sightings.
Yurmikmik Walks Open 4WD Access Only
Kambolgie Campground Open
4WD Access Only – Camping fees apply.
Bukbukluk Lookout Open
Gungurul Campground Open  Camping fees apply.
Gungurul Lookout & River Walk Open
Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge) CLOSED  
Guratba/Gimbat Day Use Area CLOSED  
Ikoymarrwa Rock Holes Open 4WD only. Day use only. Crocodiles  can move into the area at any time. Please call Bowali Visitor Centre on 08 8938 1120 to report any sightings.
Giyamungkurr (Black Jungle Springs) Open